2020 IPhA Foundation Donation COVID-19 PPE

Based on feedback for our members and analyzing the current needs of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to maintain a safe work environment and reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19; the IPhA Foundation is announcing that they will accept donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and distribute to pharmacies throughout the State of Illinois. The IPhA Foundation realizes that the current marketplace demand on PPE is at a historical high and that until the market can regain supply footing in order to meet demand; the community and profession must seek all avenues to protect our frontlines pharmacy personnel.


The IPhA Foundation will gladly accept any available quantity of PPE to be distributed to pharmacies in Illinois. The PPE must be unused, in good condition, and preferably not expired product. The IPhA Foundation is specifically seeking the following products: surgical face masks, non-latex gloves, and face shields. N95 face masks will be accepted and prioritized to pharmacists in high-risk environments with direct, prolonged contact with COVID-19 patients.


The IPhA Foundation will accepted the donations via mail or in-person at the office of the Illinois Pharmacists Association at 204 West Cook Street, Springfield, Illinois 62704. To deliver in-person, please call ahead at 217-522-7300. Note: your temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer upon arrival.


On behalf of pharmacies around Illinois, Thank You for your donation!


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