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Dear Illinois Pharmacist:

IPhA continues to advocate and shape Illinois Pharmacy, but that means we must be at the table.  IPhA continues to be the Voice for Pharmacy with various state agencies that affect pharmacy, including the Governor's Office, Division of Professional Regulation, Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Department of Human Services, Department of Public Health, and the Department of Insurance. IPhA continues to foster relationships with our elected representatives of the General Assembly, to educate about our pharmacy issues and advocate for advancement of the pharmacy profession.

2019 will be a pivotal year for the profession.  We are already defending the profession from the aftermath of the Chicago Tribune article which did point some opportunities for the pharmacy, but the whole story was not told.  IPhA continues to work closely with the Governor's Office and DFPR on changes to how we deliver patient care.  This is also the year we renew the Pharmacy Practice Act.  In 2007, we accomplished molding pharmacy into a vision of advancing patient care that has served us well to this day.  Now, we must look forward to the evolution of patient care and the skills and abilities of a pharmacist for the next ten years.  

We continue to strive ever closer to provider status.  Medicaid delayed payments cycles, reimbursement rates, lack of support for pharmacist care services reimbursement, and other legislation in the Illinois General Assembly and Congress to regulate pharmacy, all are reasons that our profession is being continually challenged.

IPhA needs your support and continued dedication to protect and advance the profession of pharmacy and patient care in the State of Illinois!

I am asking you today to please "Help Protect and Advance Illinois Pharmacy" by your generous contribution to the Pharmacy Advocacy Fund! In addition to your financial support, we need pharmacists to become informed and speak to others on behalf of the profession. Lawmakers and regulators must comprehend the role of today's pharmacist in the rapidly changing healthcare system. 

Thank you in advance for your generous gift!  In addition, your generous support will be recognized in a future publication of the Illinois Pharmacist.

Please complete the pledge form, today!

Garth K. Reynolds, BSPharm, RPh
Executive Director